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Vinnytsya Region acquired a dredge for the purification of the Southern Bug River and other water bodies in the region

Vinnytsya Region acquired a dredge for the purification of the Southern Bug River and other water bodies in the region

Today, January 3, First Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Andriy Gizko, Director of the Department of Finance of the Regional State Administration Mykola Kopachevsky and Director of the Department for Agricultural Development, Ecology and Natural Resources of the Regional State Administration Mykola Tkachuk visited the Regional Fund for Investments and Construction and inspected the dredger that was purchased for the needs of the region. .

"Due to climate change, the problem of drinking water and water for irrigating farmland in recent years in the region is quite acute," commented Andrei Gizko. "There are 5,000 water bodies in Vinnytsia, as well as the Southern Bug and Dniester rivers their tributaries. Experts-ecologists assure that clearing of sources that feed these reservoirs, will lead to increase of water level. We will also solve environmental problems and increase the soil fertility. "

The official stressed that the equipment used earlier for the purification of water bodies has already exhausted its resource and can not be exploited, therefore, at the expense of the regional ecological fund, more than 3 million UAH were allocated. for the purchase of a new dredger.

"In parallel with the regional administration, the Vinnytsia City Council also acts in this direction, which also bought a similar unit that will work within the city of Vinnitsa. So, Southern Bug will continue to be full-fledged and much cleaner ", - said Andriy Gizko.

Volodymyr Baboshin, chairman of the municipal organization "Regional Fund for Investment and Construction" said that the capacity of the unit is 400 m3/ meters of the ground raised from the bottom in an hour. This makes it possible to clear the bottom of the reservoir to a depth of 8 m. Through the pump group, the mud from the depths is pumped to the shore. Also included in the equipment is a cutter which allows deepening the bottom. The cost of dredgers - 3 million 166 thousand UAH.

 Volodymyr Baboshin also said: "For the procurement of dredgers, a tender procedure was won, which was won by the Kherson Plant of dredgers VVV-SPETSTEKHNIKA - a manufacturer who supplies machinery to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America. It took 2.5 months to make an order for Vinnitsa region. The complete set of equipment, except dredgers, includes: a pontoon group, floating pipelines and a boat on which anchors will be installed. All techniques of Ukrainian or Belarusian production ".

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Завод ВВВ Спецтехника, Украина
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