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Benefits of hydraulic dredgers of HCC brand


  • has a deep water of development by means of usual horizontal pumps in comparison with the other brands of hydraulic dredgers manufactured in Ukraine;

  • hydraulic dredgers NSS are economical in consumption of fuel and lubrication materials and/ or electric power;

  • it is possible to design the hydraulic dredger by the special project taking into consideration the branch of its using;

  • hydraulic dredger HCC has a lightweight design;

  • the company provides hydraulic dredgers for works at slime pits at mining and concentration complexes (at such hydraulic dredgers the arrow sinks vertically);

  • modern and convenience system of units control;

  • pontoons of our production has a shallow draft, providing work in shallow water;

  • system of quality ISO9001 is introduced at the enterprise; innovative decisions of constructive bureau;

  • all works at the enterprise are performed by competent specialists and meet current requirements of the All-Ukrainian State Standard, State Construction Regulations, Rules of the Register (including the quality of welding seams, measurement system and devices);

  • flexible pricing policy; the conformity “price – quality is kept”;

  • the enterprise provides the guarantee if all the requirements of the manual are observed;

  • The enterprise “VVV-Spetstekhnika” has an experience of hydraulic dredgers delivery to Russia, Belarus, Nigeria, Congo, Martinique, Belgium, Kazakhstan and others.

  • Dredger HCC brand consists of prefabricated parts that allows to transport it anywhere in the world by land or by sea.

  • the company provides customer service to control the manufacturing process of the ordered equipment

Завод ВВВ Спецтехника, Украина
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