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Accessories for dredgers 

  • Cutterheads (dump, gear, crown-shaped, curvilinear, plough, open, rotating) may be produced for the indicated brands of hydraulic dredgers for development of the soils of different categories according to the Customer’s request.
  • Complete set of tools
  • Anchor Dampers: weight up to 40 kg.
  • Forced cooling of engine department (for diesel hydraulic dredgers).
  • Registration documents in the name of the Customer
  • Conditioner in the control cabin
  • Electrical or mechanical crane-manipulator (movement along the engine department) with the carrying capacity from 2 to 5 tons.
  • Video camera for engine department vision
  • Insertion to the arrow with the length of 3 m
  • Hydraulic dredger  may also be equipped with the living space (bedroom for 3 seats, shower, kitchen, and compositing toilet).
  • Hydraulic dredgers  may also be equipped with piled passage (maximum length of 8 m.
  • Additional tanks for diesel fuel (from 1000 to 9000 l)
  • Production of electrical hydraulic dredgers of different capacity
  • Floating diesel and power station for electrical hydraulic dredgers. 
Завод ВВВ Спецтехника, Украина
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