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Slurry pipeline

pipeline ukraine, dredgers hccFloating slurry pipeline is connected by flexible ligaments sections of plastic tubing.

Floating dredge slurry pipeline to connect the working section of the coastal slurry pipeline. Transfer the pulp to the long-distance slurry pipeline is the trunk, mounted on the shore.

Pressure transmission and floating slurry pipeline are selected according pump diameter from 80 to 600 mm. Installation of floating slurry pipelines is performed on cylindrical floats, the amount of which depends on the length of slurry pipeline.
Floating slurry pipeline transportation is performed by conventional vehicles.

Slurry pipeline shore / floating in diameter:
- 80 mm - is applied to models HCC-60
- 100 mm - is applied to models HCC-60, HCC-160
- 160 mm - is applied to models HCC-250 and HCC-400
- 200 mm - is applied to models HCC-400 HCC-800
- 250 mm - is applied to models HCC-400 HCC-800
- 320 mm - is applied to models HCC-800 HCC-1600
- 400 mm - is applied to models HCC-800 HCC-1600, HCC-2000
- 450 mm - is applied to models HCC-1600 HCC-2000
- 600 mm, is applied to models HCC-4000

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