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Dredger HCC 250/40-GR-K

Performance on the ground:
55-100 m3/h
Power supply:
Depth development:
up to 15m
Methods of suction:
hydraulic washing-out
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Productivity оf the pulp: 250-320 m3/h.

Productivity оf the soil (hydraulic deposition of soil category 1-2): 30-55 m3/hour;   from240 m3 for the shift(8 hours).

Dimensions in working position: maximum length 20 m, maximum width 4.4 m, maximum height 2.8 m, board height 1 m, draft 0.65 m . Weight: 8 t.

The hydraulic dredger is equipped with an arrow. Suction pipe length is 17 m with hydraulic washing-out (jet), with pump capacity 11 kW, the water supply is 65 m3 per hour with hydraulic drop of 80 m.

Power unit: D-264 (capacity of 175 kW, 1800 rev /min, fuel consumption - 12 l/h) or equivalent.

Fuel tanks capacity 550 l.

The generator's own needs 25 kW.

Pump:  8'/6'-400-NS (made by VVV-SPETSTEKHNIKA). Pump specifications: 8 inch/6 inch, soil outlet from15% per hour, hydraulic drop of water column– 40 m, maximum capacity – 65 kWt, rotation frequency – 1500 rev./min. Hydraulic drive.

Technical characteristics of the pump (are provided geodetic lift is not more than 10 m for soil 1-2 category):
1. output up to 25% at the distance of transportation of pulp to 150 m (capacity 50 m3 of soil)
2. output up to 20% at the distance of transportation of pulp to 200 m (capacity 40 m3 of soil)
3. output up to 15% at the distance of transportation of pulp to 300 m (capacity 30 m3 of soil)
4. output up to 10% at the distance of transportation of pulp to 500 m (capacity 20 m3 of soil)
Dredge this modification lifts the soil with water depth 0.5 - 15 m, pushing through slurry pipeline 500 m geodesic a slope of not more than 10 m.

Control Room is equipped with:

  • gauges (gauge, ammeter, frequency meter, pressure gauge (on the soil pump discharge nozzle, on the nozzle to wash the seal on the pipe hydrowashout));
  •  remote control  of  dredger movement;
  •  emergency shutdown system for dredger's network;
  • observation devices for main engine.

For lighting on the dredger used two-wire isolated power distribution system voltage of 220V, 50 Hz.
For mains used a three-phase isolated power distribution system 380V, 50Hz.
For networks of control and signaling, as well as emergency lighting used two-wire isolated power distribution system voltage 24V DC.

Energy supply: self-contained.

The movement of hydraulic dredger is performed with the help of 4 winches with the capacity of 2.2 kW. Ladder winch - 2.2 kW, tracing force 3.5 t.

Pipeline diameter 125-160 mm

The enterprise guarantees the operation of the equipment for 1 year or 1800 Moto hours.

Maximum term of manufacturing is 3.5 months. 

For the selection of pipeline, please fill in the questionnaire because diameter slurry pipeline depends on the length of pulp conveying distance.

Завод ВВВ Спецтехника, Украина
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