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Dredgers company VVV-Spetstakhnika released 25th anniversary dredger

Dredgers company VVV-Spetstakhnika   released 25th anniversary dredger

By order of fish farming organizations "Donrybkombinat", Slavyansk city, was produced by dredge marks НСС 160/30-GR . This mobile, small dredge has a capacity of 160 m3 of pulp per hour, and the depth of development - 7m, which makes it very convenient and effective in cleaning water reservoirs and ponds. Dredger equipped with hydraulic washing-out (jet).

To solve the problem of siltation in the reservoirs, especially in the "no-entry" reservoirs, the use of  the dredger НСС 160/30-GR - the best option. This convinced the representatives of other fish farms in Ukraine, who were present at the launch of the dredger in Slavyansk.

Specialists of the enterprise "VVV-Spetstakhnika" had assemble equipment, commissioning and produced had a full briefing of the customer to maximize the use of the dredger.

"VVV-Spetstakhnika" received an order for two more dredge HCC 160/30 of the fish organizations.

dredger HCC 160-30 GR

Завод ВВВ Спецтехника, Украина
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