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Vinnytsa launched a dredger to clean the water intake near regional water supply channel

Vinnytsa launched a dredger to clean the water intake near regional water supply channel

In June last year, at a session of the Vinnytsa City Council, deputies supported the decision to allocate more than UAH 3 million from the city budget for the purchase of a modern dredger that will clean the Southern Bug River. Currently it works in a test mode in the area of ​​water intake of municipal enterprise "Vinnytsiaoblvodokanal" (regional water supply channel).

This will help to make the river bed more deep and improve water intake. The work of the dredger was inspected during a retreat on June 14 by the Vinnytsa mayor Sergei Morgunov. The new modern dredger is on the balance sheet of the municipal enterprise "Combine of communal enterprises". We started to work in test mode on June 7th. During this time, 3200 m3 of pulp has already been pumped out, which is 640 m3 of mule.

“Experts have researched the market for dredgers and have made purchases from a domestic manufacturer. He is powerful and modern. Representatives of the manufacturer's company set it up and now he is cleaning the water intake at the Vinnitsa regional water supply channel. By order of the Department of Public Utilities and Improvement, design estimates for the cleaning of the Southern Bug River were ordered. This is a very powerful and foldable project. We are ready to participate in this process of the rescue service”, said Vladimir Nitsenko, Director of the Department of Public Utilities and Improvement.

The dredger, which was purchased at the expense of the city budget, lifts the soil from the depth of the reservoir 0.7 - 7 m, pushes it through the slurry pipeline up to 300 m with a geodetic slope of no more than 10 m. Its use will expand the reservoir, remove excess vegetation, deepen the river, get rid of the reservoir silt and there will be no swamping process. Accordingly, the sanitary condition of the Southern Bug will improve.

Dredging in Ukraine. Dredger HCC 800 40 F GR produced by VVV-Spetstekhnika, Kherson

Mayor Sergei Morgunov notes that improving the water condition in the Southern Bug River is a complex work. And it requires more than one year and the involvement of all structures: both state and local governments.

"This is a complex problem, given that the regional water supply system is a common communal property of Vinnytsa region. If we talk about the Southern Bug River, it is the only land body of water where we can take water for residents, including the city of Vinnytsa. We should solve this problem together with other cities that take water in the river. The Vinnytsa Regional Council also bought a dredger to clear the tributaries of the Southern Bug, and it is now operating on the Desenko River in Stryzhavka. A year ago, we decided to buy a dredger at the expense of the city budget and together with the management of the regional water utility we are already working on water treatment in the city” – the mayor Sergey Morgunov told.

Oleksandr Chernyatynskyi, director of Vinnytsiaoblvodokanal, says that the water level on the Desenko River, where such a dredger operates, has already begun to improve. "We took samples to clean the Desenka River - the water condition has improved, it has become more transparent. In Vinnytsia, we have started treatment in the area of the water intake, and then it will continue according to the project. The Southern Bug River is not limited to Sabarov, and the treatment of one water intake cannot give the desired effect. This is a long process, " Oleksandr Chernyatynskyi added.

Video of the dredger's work is available at the link: 

Author: Roman Koval'sky (Роман Ковальський)

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